Florida Coast FC 2019/2020 Competitive Season

What to Expect as a Competitive Player:

  • Prospective players are evaluated at tryouts; the head coach will select the team

  • Most of the teams will train year round, 2-3 days a week (determined by the coach)

  • Practice is mandatory and very important to build team play

  • Playing time is not guaranteed and is left up to the discretion of the coach

  • In addition to regular season matches, teams may participate in 2-5 tournaments per year (depending upon age/team)

  • Competitive teams require some traveling throughout the season

  • All teams (players and parents) will be asked to participate in league wide projects and fundraisers


$350.00 Player Registration Fee

$10.00 Pasco County Player Fee $15.00 Pasco County Out of County Player Fee

Additional fees will include:
Uniform Purchase:

(Parent/Player is responsible for ordering personal uniforms.  Your coach will convey the ordering process once the League contract is secured)

Jerseys Home/Away
(1) Game shorts
(2) Game socks

A portion of the registration fees go directly to FYSA and the United Soccer Association to pay for player insurance, state association fees, Region cup bond fees, team league fees, league game referee fees, etc.

Our league has the lowest competitive registration fees in the Tampa Bay area. Fees for tournaments, additional uniform items such as bags and warm ups, are paid by each individual team. Registration fees will not cover these expenses entirely. Everyone will be required to help with various fundraisers to cover these additional expenses.

A message from the Vice Commissioner of Competitive

A message from the Vice Commissioner of Competitive Soccer. . .

We, here at Florida Coast FC realize that for some who haven’t been involved with competitive soccer yet, there is a lack of information about it. So I wanted to address some FAQ’s.

Is competitive soccer fun? Our main goal as coaches, just as in recreational, is to make it fun so the players stay interested and continue to grow their love of the game. The other element that is very important to us is player development. With those two in place, the results will come.

Should I wait until my child is a better player before I have them tryout? No. The earlier they start in comp the sooner they will be on a team with better talent, competition and training which will accelerate their development. Have them tryout and allow the coach to evaluate them. There is no cost or obligation for it.

How do I know when my child is ready for competitive? Players do not need to be the best of their prior teams. If they enjoy the game, have a desire to improve, are athletic and have a good attitude, they have what it takes.

How much travel is involved? There are usually only about 5-7 away games with mostly about a 1 hr travel. There may a couple 2-3 hours away.

How much will it cost? $350 (plus county park fee of $10 for a Pasco county resident.) The club will take payments if necessary. Florida Coast FC’s program is a very good value and the least expensive in the area, probably one of the least expensive anywhere!

Does the season start right after tryouts and run all year?

For teams U14 and younger – No. The season is similar to recreational and practices usually won’t start until sometime in August.

For teams U15 and up – The season starts about the second week of August and runs into October. It is scheduled to not interfere with the high school soccer season. Practices will start soon after tryouts and will run through the end of the regular season. Teams will break for the school season with just an occasional practice to keep the team together. They will usually start training again after the school season and play in one or more tournaments during the winter/spring.

Will the team play in tournaments and if so, why? Probably, it is a team by team decision. We do it for a couple reasons; it’s fun for the players and the more they play, the more they develop. Also, college scouts start recruiting players when they are high school age. Colleges rarely scout individual games (club or school), they go to tournaments, especially large “showcase” tournaments.

How many, where and when will the tournaments be? Younger teams will usually participate in fewer than older ones. Again, it’s a team decision. The younger teams may do 1 to 2, older ones 3 or 4 or more. There are many to choose from within a commutable distance. There are tournaments going on almost year round.

How much extra will the tournaments cost us? The costs are usually covered by team funds. To help cover these extra costs, team funds are raised by the team acquiring sponsors and doing fundraising.

Are there hidden or extra costs? There are some team decisions on whether to buy extras like warm-ups, etc. and whether to do extra training with the Club Trainer. Most, if not all of these costs can be covered by team funds.

Are there any other advantages of playing comp.? Generally, most of the team stays together for years creating lifelong memories and friendships. It is my goal, along with prior mentioned ones, is to encourage and prepare every player on the team to play soccer in college and hopefully earn at least some scholarship money to do so. There is also professional training included in the registration fee!

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask